Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meat it the way to be???

I am a southern girl! I love my meat and potatoes. But I figured why not try to go meat free for a week and see if I notice a difference. What better time to do it then while I'm not training? Last week I was talkin with a friend of mine and we both decided to challenge ourselves and not eat meat for the week. After I talked with her I was like OMG, can I really do this? Is this gonna be possible? I immediately emailed another friend who is a vegetarian for some ideas. After getting her reply, I was like well this isn't gonna be so hard after all.  I did some more research, we went to the farmers market and stocked up and veggies, I ate a lot of meat on Sunday for the last time, and here it is Wednesday and I haven't had any meat!
What was the point of this? I needed a way to decrease calories and its really a good cleansing. When working out and training, I used meat as a big source of protein. But there really are other sources of protein besides meat. I am still eating dairy products and veggie protein substitutes. The first day was really hard, I don't think I ate enough protein or drank enough water. Today, I haven't been to the point where I was like I'm really hungry. Just to give you an idea, here is what I ate:
Breakfast - small sweet potato, egg whites, and a banana (I was having some bad muscle twitches so the banana helped)
Snack 1 - whole wheat toast w/nutella and yogurt
Lunch - Bean burrito (beans, cheese, and salsa) and 1/2  Avocado and a peach
Snack 2 - Hummus and Pretzels
Dinner - Minestrone soup(meatless) and a salad with a boiled egg chopped up.

Every meal had some form of protein in it that kept me full. I have also drank almost a gallon of water today. This challenge has been really good so far. I feel better and more energized! Am I going to give meat up completely? NO! But I do think that I am going to switch to just fish, chicken and turkey, have a meat free day at least 1 or 2 days out of the week, and allow myself red meat once a month. There are a lot of things out there that you can eat that are good for you and filling that don't have meat. I'm really glad I did this challenge and cant wait to see how my body reacts as I continue on a limited meat diet!

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