Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer time distractions...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. I started my weekend kind of early, hence the lack of blog after Wednesday. But now I'm back and ready to share something Ive been struggling with... SUMMER TIME DISTRACTIONS!
A lot of people say they gain weight in the winter months..not so for me! I gain mine in the summer! There's a couple reasons for this.
*I would much rather be by the pool then sweating in the gym
*I love ice cream
*I like having cookouts during the summer
*I enjoy a nice cold beer on a hot summer night
*I have been easily distracted by the male attention I have been getting when I go out with friends.
So how do I fix all of these and not be so distracted??? I have a goal set to accomplish by the end of August. I'm a month behind now on that goal because of these distractions and enjoying the summer. So its time to kick these distractions in the butt!
*Although the pool is nice, I have to remember that I need a good workout before I can have fun. So I've committed to waking up early before the pool to get my workout in. I cant go to the pool until I get my workout in!
*I love my ice cream, but have been indulging to often. I'm gonna swap ice cream for frozen yogurt, and only allow it as a treat on the weekend.
*Im still gonna have my cookouts, but I'm gonna switch my hamburgers to chicken and salmon. I even have a recipe for clean eating BBQ sauce!
*Beer....well as much as I love it, its empty calories. Instead of having several on the weekends and throughout the week, I'm going to limit myself to one, if any at all. And it will only be for a special occasion.
*Male attention..well I cant help that I get I recently was with someone who didn't fully support my weight loss. He kept telling me I was fine and didn't need to loose anymore weight, that I was gonna be too skinny. I couldn't be with someone who didn't support me in my weight loss goals. We ate foods that I haven't in forever. I felt awful and ran down because of the toxins I was putting in my body. So needless to say I have refocused my attention and updated my list of qualifications for men in my support is pretty high on the list now. :)
Distractions happen to everyone. But the most important thing to do is to keep focused and if you get distracted, refocus. Writing all of this down and being able to see it daily helps me so much. It holds me accountable and reminds me that I have a goal that I have to reach. I also know that my trainer is going to be holding me accountable and pushing me in our workouts. No more distractions! I'm refocused and ready to reach this goal!!

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