Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Getting to my blog late has been a crazy day at work. Today is my long day at work, so I'm here from 8am to 9pm. On days like today, I really have to plan. I have to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was very tempting to not order Chinese with the girls today since it ranks high on my favorite food list! :) But I didnt order it! YAY GO ME! Today is another hard day for a workout, but I plan on running a few miles when I get home. People always tell me im crazy to run so late, but it feels good! And its very relaxing! Looking forward to my workouts tomorrow. Gonna hit the Y in the mornin and going to Hotbox tomorrow (scared for that one, but Hether suggested it!) Here was the food plan today:

Breakfast - Egg white on an english muffin topped with salsa
Snack - Yogurt
Lunch - Tuna sandwhich on whole wheat bread and an apple
Snack - Pretzels and Hummus
Dinner - Boiled Shrimp w/ lite cocktail sauce and vegetable mix

Another pretty boring day as far as food goes. I'm gonna try and make some yummy things tomorrow for the weekend, so be lookin out for that! Have a great night :)

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