Friday, June 3, 2011

Vending Machine Entertainment

I recently took on a new job where I am confined to a desk. I am the receptionist at Nelson Mazda, so its very rare for me to be able to get up and leave my desk. Its a very laid back job. I answer the phone, do some filing, greet customers, make temp tags, and do some cashier work. I'm able to be on the Internet, read, and do things of that such at my desk, but at times it can be boring. In my former fatty days, I would keep myself busy by eating. (refer back to my very first blog and when I mentioned working in the call center for Suntrust)
Things have changed since then! I was actually just on facebook talking to a friend and said, "Man, I'm hungry! Think I'll go blog!" I couldn't actually be hungry, I just ate dinner. I knew I was bored, so I decided to blog! Funny how your ways change as your lifestyle changes. Had it been a year ago, I would have went to the vending machine and found something to "entertain myself". There are times where I give in to my boredom, but not at the vending machines expense. Here's some of my tricks:

*I don't keep change on me. Most of the time my daughter takes it out of my wallet for her piggy bank:)
*I always keep gum with me. Gum is a distraction and you actually burn calories while chewing it!
*I come prepared with healthy snacks. (carrots/celery and hummus, apples, grapes, bananas, almonds, fiber one bars, oats and honey bars, hard boiled eggs, peanut/almond butter, my version of trail mix)

These 3 things are what help me get through my days at the desk! I don't have to entertain myself with food, and I certainly don't have to do it at the expense of the vending machine!

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