Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do you care about your children?

I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!!! She is my motivation for everything I do! When I had her, I made the decision that I was not going to be a mom that couldn't run with her child. I wanted to be able to practice sports with her and keep her active. She was my motivation for losing weight.
I grew up in a family where being overweight was the norm. Good eating habits were not enforced and eating out was common. My mother worked part time at a bakery on Saturdays. A normal Saturday for me would be going to the bakery in the mornin with my dad and getting a cupcake and chocolate milk for breakfast. I also looked forward to when my mom came home because I knew she would bring left over goodies home! When I had my daughter, I vowed that I would make healthy choices for not only myself, but for her as well. Childhood obesity is on the rise. It has tripled in the past 30 years. The state of TN actually has the 4th highest percentage for obese children. This breaks my heart to know that we as parents are at fault for this. Our children are like sponges, they do what we do. If we're eating Big Macs and drinking cokes everyday, our children are gonna do the same thing!
My dad bought my daughter and I a Nashville Shores pass this year. I cant tell you how many families I see there that really need help. Number 1, they're allowing their daughters to wear bathing suits that are inappropriate for their size. But again, our children are sponges, they're only doing what their parents are doing. Number 2, they're letting their small children guzzle down COKES and MT DEW! I mean, Nashville Shores doesn't have the healthiest drink selection, but giving your children coke and mt dew is a huge mistake. Its nothing but sugar that is turning into fat!
I'm not saying I'm a perfect mom and my child eats the healthiest foods every day, but for the most part she does. Ryleigh loves broccoli, carrots and hummus, salad, apples, bananas, strawberries, fish, and chicken. When we go somewhere to eat, she actually asks for broccoli and squeals when the salad comes out! The servers are shocked, I couldn't be more proud though! She does get occasional treats of chicken nuggets and french fries when shes with her MiMi or Papa, but its on occasion. I am proud to say that my daughter sees the healthy food choices I make and follows them. The other day she actually went in the refrigerator and pulled out some carrots and hummus that she wanted for a snack! I was SOOO PROUD!
Not only does she watch what I eat, she also watches me work out and even works out with me! I care about my daughter and her well being. I want her to be healthy. I don't want her to have a childhood of growing up overweight with a lack of self confidence like I did. If you love and care about your children, make healthy choices for them! Show them that eating clean and healthy is fun and good! Get active with them. Go outside and run, find a mommy and me class to do together. Some of the YMCA's actually offer family Zumba! Being healthy and active is fun, especially with the whole family! I've attached some pictures from me boxing with my daughter and a video of boot camp with her!




Time to stretch!

Boot Camp Together:)

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