Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Before and still going...

Some of you have asked what I looked like at 250 pounds..I meant to post a picture with my first blog. So I thought I'd do that today. These pictures are proof that weight loss can be done the normal way, through healthy eating and exercising. I look at those pictures in awe! How did I allow myself to get to 250 pounds??But then I look at myself today and say WOAH! YOU'RE SMOKIN HOT ASHLEY! I still have not hit goal weight but I'm approaching it and fast!!! When I hit goal weight theres gonna be a celebration like no other!!! So here they are! YIKES!!!

This is at my heaviest. 250 pounds.
This was in 2010. I was still over 200 pounds.
This was April 17th, 2011. Well under 200 pounds and SMOKIN HOT!


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