Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does what I eat really impact my day?

I proved another theory to be true last week... Does what I eat really impact my day? YES IT DOES. Last week I went to go and turn in some paperwork for school and passed a Captain D's. I have to admit, this is my favorite fast food place. I LOVE their fish, hush puppies, and tarter sauce! Because I didn't prepare for being out most of the day, and because I had the attitude last week of, I dont care I want it, I stopped at Captain D's and it was SOOOO GOOD! I knew that I had 2 really hard workouts ahead of me. My 3 mile run, which would be the hardest one yet and my cardio class with my trainer. Why did I just eat this mess???
I made it through my run and actually felt great. I actually got a second wind out of no where when doing my last interval. Cardio class was a different story! I felt horrible through the whole thing and like I wasn't able to give it my all. I'm strong and hit pretty hard. This particular night, my balance was off and my punches were weak. I couldn't get enough water after class. I'm sure this was due to all the sodium in the Captain D's I ate for lunch. When class was done, someone looked at me and said Ashley, you dont look so good. All I could say was, "Yea it was a hard class."
Food is fuel for your body. Captain D's isn't exactly what I should have fueled my body with for 2 hard workouts. What you eat really does impact how your day goes. I was loaded up on carbs, sodium, and nasty fried food. It was no wonder I felt like I had been ran over by a semi truck after it was all said and done. Today I did things a lot differently because I got back on the right track. This morning I had my personal training session and we boxed! MY FAVORITE! I also ran 3 miles this afternoon and it was longer intervals today. Here is what I ate today:
Breakfast: Egg white Breakfast Burrito (egg whites, green peppers, onion, light shredded low fat cheese, and trader joes salsa on a whole wheat tortilla)
Snack: Banana and hummus with rice crackers
Lunch: Left over shrimp stir fry and brown rice (shrimp, mixed stir fry veggies, garlic powder, pepper, olive oil and brown rice.)
Snack: Homemade protein bar (recipe coming soon)

Haven't had dinner yet but I made some yummy, clean catfish with corn relish from the Clean Eating Magazine. I FEEL GREAT TODAY! I am not tired and to be honest, I feel like I could run 3 more miles. I ate some great clean meals today that gave me good fuel for my body! FOOD IS FUEL FOR YOUR BODY! What you eat has a lot of impact on your day and how you feel throughout the day!

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